Privacy Policy

Introduction collects information to provide, measure, and improve services for all our users.

Generally speaking, the amount of personal information collected is minimal, and you can opt out of providing most of it.

Information We Collect

Information Collection method Opt-out method Primary purpose Storage duration
Nickname Splash screen Leave blank Differentiate between players Forever, assuming score is leaderboard-worthy
Team name Team panel Don't make team Differentiate between teams Temporary, until logs are rotated
Chat messages Radio panel Don't send any Allow and moderate player communication Forever, until manually deleted
Game status, including player-built terrain Regular snapshot N/A Record a history of player activity Forever, until manually deleted
IP address Game server Use a VPN Limit number of connections per client Temporary, until logs are rotated
Anonymous computer details and approximate location AWS CloudFront N/A Gain better understanding of audience Forever, as determined by AWS

Other information, such as which language you select, remains on your computer.


We reserve the right to alter these privacy policies at any time, without notice.

Contact Us

If you have any concern, such as a desire to be removed from the leaderboard, please contact us by email at