Help Guide

Basics is a multiplayer naval combat game. You start off a small ship, and consume crates to increase your score (to level up your ship). While a small amount of crates spawn naturally, sinking other ships directly increases your score and spawns many more crates.


There are four ways to move your ship:

  1. Left click and hold outside your ship's inner ring
  2. Right click (and optionally hold) outside your ship's inner ring
  3. Tap and hold (on touch screen) outside your ship's inner ring
  4. Use the WASD or arrow keys.

If using mouse controls, your ship will turn to point towards your mouse. You can control the speed of your ship by using your mouse position between the two rings as a throttle. If your mouse is outside the outer ring, your ship will increase to maximum speed.


There are multiple different types of weapons available on various ships:

  1. Torpedoes are powerful underwater weapons. Once fired, a torpedo will turn until it reaches the desired angle. Some torpedoes have the ability to track targets automatically, with sonar.
  2. Missiles are airborne and are faster, but less maneuverable than torpedoes.
  3. Rockets are like missiles but lack guidance.
  4. Gun turrets shoot very fast shells that do moderate damage. Once fired, a shell is without guidance.
  5. Depth charges are stationary weapons that can be deployed against persuing ships.
  6. Dredger. It creates new land. We'll let you figure out if this can be used as a weapon.

Once fired, all weapons take some time to reload. Each type of weapon and each turret reload independently. Consuming crates speeds up reloading.


All ships have some combination of sensors to identify other ships and obstacles:

  1. Visual tracks all targets, with a range that depends on conditions.
  2. Radar tracks targets above water.
  3. Sonar tracks underwater targets.

To visualize sensor data, look at the dots surrounding the outer circle around your ship:

  1. Green dots are friendly.
  2. Red dots are enemy (visual or radar).
  3. Blue dots are enemy (sonar).
  4. Yellow dots are collectible crates.