Warning: This changelog may not always be fully up to date



  • Add "Kirov" cruiser and associated weapons and aircraft.
  • Money can't buy happiness, and it definitely can't stop torpedoes (anymore).


  • Begin adding music (so far only during epic moments).


  • Add aircraft sound.


  • Add "Type 055" destroyer in level 6, move "Zumwalt" to level 7.
  • Clarify turret angles by limiting turret rotation.
  • Fix rocket torpedo reload bug.


  • Add ability to land aircraft where they took off.


  • Add offline mode (must enable Beta program at bottom of Help page for now).


  • Add support for sound effects.


  • Add active mode for radar and sonar, which allows better vision at the cost of giving away your position.
  • Add shallow water, which reduces the speed and health regeneration of larger boats (and the maximum depth of submarines). Small boats that are not in a team are likely to spawn in these areas.


  • Add "Movska" helicopter carrier and associated aircraft/weapons.
  • Add "Tanker" oil tanker.
  • Complete UI redesign.
  • Add ability deny team join requests.
  • Improve weapon guidance.


  • Players no longer respawn with their team within 10 seconds of being killed by another player.


  • Add support for translations.


  • Rebalance various reload speeds.
  • Improve player spawning.
  • Show health on Ships page.


  • Add "Yasen" class submarine (level 7) and associated weapons.
  • Add "Town" class cruiser (level 5) and move "Bismarck" and "Montana" battleships one level up.
  • Add "Igla" SAM to submarines where applicable.
  • Rebalance number of weapons on various high level ships.
  • Restrict turret angles where applicable.
  • Make stealth more effective.
  • Make land more vulnerable to weapons and erosion.


  • Add "Freedom" class LCS (level 6) and associated weapons.
  • Reduce "Arleigh Burke" number of "ESSM" SAM's from 8 to 4
  • Add back spawn protection (lasts 10 seconds or until you attack)
  • Improve supporting pages appearance and accuracy
  • Improve keyboard input


  • Add "ASROC" rocket-torpedo
  • Add "Kingfisher" floatplane to battleships in place of airdropped torpedoes
  • Improve loading and rendering efficiency
  • Improve client turret aiming
  • Add indicator to closed fleet panel showing number of pending requests
  • Improve aircraft weapons, and add helicopters to more ships


  • Add "Zumwalt" destroyer, including associated weapons and aircraft
  • Submarines no longer have to surface to fire missiles
  • Make bots less aggressive
  • Change terrain seed


  • Add ability to drop coins with 'c' key
  • Add ability to [REDACTED] oil platforms with [REDACTED]
  • Mines reload even before they detonate, and do not disappear when player dies
  • Some torpedoes can damage land
  • Make bots smarter
  • Published daily/weekly leaderboards


  • Improve keyboard controls
  • Fix the speed and range of missiles and rockets


  • Add SAMs (surface to air missiles)


  • Randomize bot motion to avoid circling behavior
  • Add Discord link to about about and help pages
  • Change loot texture


  • Add NPC priate ship
  • Aircraft can no longer fly over grass


  • Add "Akula" submarine, displacing "Ohio" submarine to level 6
  • Update help page
  • Rename "Team" to "Fleet"


  • Increase bot spawning at high player counts
  • Increase reload time for aircraft
  • Fix bugs with keyboard input and missile range
  • Increase strength of automatic anti-aircraft guns


  • Add "Essex" aircraft carrier
  • Fix bugs related to "Dredger"
  • Minimum team name length reduced to 2


  • Reduce particles if low performance
  • Clarify ship and weapon types in tooltip
  • Update help and ships pages


  • Add "Lublin" minelayer
  • Update ships page
  • Change mine reload time
  • Oil barrels no longer reload weapons


  • Add team chat, activated with shift+enter while sending
  • Make it less likely for projectiles to go through grass
  • Fix bug that made sonar decoys infinite
  • Add ships page


  • Airdropped weapons take longer to regenerate
  • Other changes to reload times
  • Add "Kolkata" destroyer


  • Update HUD and keyboard input more often
  • World border does not kill ships instantly
  • Fix submarine altitude bug
  • Add airdropped torpedoes to battleships
  • Improve keyboard controls


  • Add shift+v shortcut to record ingame video (slow)
  • Improve keyboard controls
  • Change how ram ships inflict damage
  • Fix sonar decoy instantly killing ships


  • Add "mk70" sonar decoy
  • Allow submarines to remain submerged while firing torpedoes
  • Update help page
  • Add "Visby" corvette
  • Automatically slow down while turning


  • Add ability to click name to auto-reply in radio
  • Update terms and about pages
  • All torpedoes can hit submerged submarines
  • Weapon damage lower when further from ship center
  • Improve spawn-protection
  • Add 'x' button to stop ship


  • Improve keyboard input


  • Only regenerate half of damage while upgrading
  • Fix bugs related to weapons
  • Add "Ohio" submarine


  • Bots avoid land
  • Can use 'Enter' to enter radio
  • Submarines can surface without firing
  • Bots don't cluster near center of world


  • Pending radio message is saved after respawning
  • Team members collide but do no damage
  • Hovercrafts can travel on land
  • Fix client crash


  • Hint about being rammed in death message
  • Begin recording snapshots of land every 5 seconds
  • Teach bots how to use ram ships
  • Add gun to "Type VIIC" submarine
  • Homing torpedoes and depth charges can hit submerged submarines
  • Add "Leander" cruiser


  • Obstacles do not instantly kill ships
  • Add "Olympias" ram
  • Open source project on GitHub

Before 5/8/2021

Changes before the game was open source are not yet documented